Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Star = Whos having a birthday

Good afternoon,

Today I constructed a birthday invitation which can be given to a child or an adult.
I loved the grey, orange, and green combination but for some reason it was missing something = so I added some light blue to it

Supplies Used:
Paper {Tiara Bazzill + Grass Green + Tangelo Bazzill +Specialty Me & my big ideas


My girlfriends asked me if I can speedy up my guest list for my upcoming baby shower that I am having mid-September. A lot of the people do not know that I am pregnant not because I wanted to hide it but I wanted to stay safe. 
After having this conversation with one of my best friends, I told her a story about a girl who was super excited about her upcoming baby. She had a huge baby shower and got enough items for her to never have to buy anything again. The last month of her delivery she stopped feeling the baby kick in her precious belly. When she went to check up and see what was going on she and her boyfriend were struck by the news of the doctor. "I'm sorry shes not living anymore. We are going to have to push out the baby." 
So yes that is my fear and I feel the more people I tell the more I have to grief is something would happen. I know I shouldn't think like that but I am only human. I always have my fears. 

Sorry for that draining story on to something more delightful. I'm planning on having a bird in the nest theme because I just loveee birds AHHHH!! So I gathered some examples that I saw online.

This lovely card was made by an etsy seller mboston9
aren't these cupcake to die for = from marthastewart

This is a must at my party to make these tags and hang them on empty branches

These are the colors I would like - my girlfriend says it so boyish..what do you think?

Favor tags is a must of course. I'm still trying to decide what I would like to giveaway. Why do you ask why it looks like I'm planning my own. Well I have the more creative instinct then my two lovely girls. Plus it would be great to show the others my products which I will add to my site .
I'm all done chatting now. Let me know some ideas or places where my girlfriends can purchase cheap bird favors. 
Thanks a bunches


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