Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Shower

Ahhhh!! My due date is 20 days away now. Oh yes I also changed my babies name. Its now "Natalie Meiyah" and I love it. Well three Saturdays ago, the 17th, my best friends charie and alisa threw me a baby shower

love you guys !!!!

I had a lot of fun. My close family and friends were all there to celebrate this special day with me.
I received a lot of clothes, bedding set, bumbo(super cute), travel system, high chair, and much more. I was surprised though that I only received one bag of diapers. I was expecting to get loads of those. 
My guest played a lot of baby games like: 
stinky diaper = where you melt chocolate in a diaper + you have to smell and guess what candy bar it is
cross word puzzles = it was actually pretty hard
Whats mommys belly size = using measuring type to guess
only one person doubled the size on me..but I wasn't offended at all because luckily I only gained weight in my belly.
Clothing line = this was my FAV. if you are having a baby shower, you must play this game. 
We played with both men and women and one time. 
2 human bodies on the opposite side of clothing line or yarn
clothing pins on the floor
baby clothes including socks 
basket (to place the clothes in)
cell phone or remote
doll or stuffed animal

the point of the game was to see if you can multitask while holding a baby, talking on the phone, and hanging up clothes at the same time.

 ME..I actually did great with Natalie in the belly.

 A lot of baby chocking going

so again this game is a must play.

Stay tuned for more on the baby shower and how I am doing :)