Friday, July 8, 2011

A Random Friday has been my relaxing day with my mom and my Westie Khloe. Yesterday was my super busy day doing laundry, cleaning my room, grooming Khloe, and cleaning my entire bathroom.

3am in the morning my dog started barking like no other..after telling her to calm down. I heard heavy water dripping. "I know I never opened the window"..Gladly she was warning me that the toilet was overflowing with water..Yucky.. Has your pet ever barked to to wake you up from a deep sleep, to warn you?

Well I had to stop by and get some groceries. which must I say I HATE DOING THIS! Uhhh so as I was grabbing my water I noticed the new Vita Coconut Water..I just had to try it (more because Rhianna has been promoting it)

I honestly couldn't finish it..Well but don't take my word ofcourse!!

What does everyone have planned for this weekend. I will spend my weekend fixing up my new launched craft website that im soo excited about it.. 

You can check it out at and when you purchase up until July 15th, at checkout use discount code "NEWLAUNCH" to save 10% off.

Well enough blah blah blah. See you later!


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