Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Shower

Ahhhh!! My due date is 20 days away now. Oh yes I also changed my babies name. Its now "Natalie Meiyah" and I love it. Well three Saturdays ago, the 17th, my best friends charie and alisa threw me a baby shower

love you guys !!!!

I had a lot of fun. My close family and friends were all there to celebrate this special day with me.
I received a lot of clothes, bedding set, bumbo(super cute), travel system, high chair, and much more. I was surprised though that I only received one bag of diapers. I was expecting to get loads of those. 
My guest played a lot of baby games like: 
stinky diaper = where you melt chocolate in a diaper + you have to smell and guess what candy bar it is
cross word puzzles = it was actually pretty hard
Whats mommys belly size = using measuring type to guess
only one person doubled the size on me..but I wasn't offended at all because luckily I only gained weight in my belly.
Clothing line = this was my FAV. if you are having a baby shower, you must play this game. 
We played with both men and women and one time. 
2 human bodies on the opposite side of clothing line or yarn
clothing pins on the floor
baby clothes including socks 
basket (to place the clothes in)
cell phone or remote
doll or stuffed animal

the point of the game was to see if you can multitask while holding a baby, talking on the phone, and hanging up clothes at the same time.

 ME..I actually did great with Natalie in the belly.

 A lot of baby chocking going

so again this game is a must play.

Stay tuned for more on the baby shower and how I am doing :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Mama Mia" Winner announced

So its been a long week. I have not been feeling that up to doing anything at all but sleeping. The due date is almost here October 26, for me to deliver. AHHH!!!

What have I been working on?

I have been working on hair accessories from infants to adults which you can see in my shop.
Hair Accessory

 you can add this one to a shirt, clutch, and even a scarf.

I have also added a lot of SCARY Halloween items as well for you to purchase.

- Make sure to check out my website frequently I will be posting Christmas and thanksgiving stuff soon.
Greeting Cards
I also created a couple of new greeting cards last week:
 Best Wishes - great to give to newlywed, shower, or even a graduate.
 Hoo Hoo Hoo who loves you? - great to give to a special friend of all ages
say Happy Birthday to a special person!


Well to the juicy stuff..sorry my ladies for taking like forever to announce the winner of my "Mama Mia" hair clip. Wait no longer because the winner is:

Congratz girl! Make sure to email me within 48 hours @

Monday, August 29, 2011

Giveaway Update

Hello all I have been super busy trying to get my shop updated with my new collections. I will list them all to my shop by tomorrow night so please check them out here.

Thank you all to the ones who played along with the giveaway. The winner will be announced on friday. So please make sure to come back to find out if you have won.

until then...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Special Delivery for me!

Today I had my 31st doctors appointment to check on my baby Miah. Everything is going well. I thank god that he gave me such a smooth and non stressful pregnancy. I couldn't have asked for anything better! I am super excited that shes is here soon and super excited to know that I am going to have a baby room just for her. I am also going to add my craft section in the same room so that I can be close by to her at all times.

After I returned home today look what I received in the mail.
Oh not the flower, that's what I made...

 Heather at Just Lovely Things was having a huge giveaway and I was one of the winners. I won a mason jar note card gift set from Donda Lee. I love how she packed it up, gives me great ideas for when I ship my supplies to customers.
Aren't they the cutest ever. I cant wait to use them
These were the em!
 This is a flower clip that I made today. Isn't it the cutest ever. I love the colors. I'm going to make another flower clip and place it in my shop to sell. So stay tuned because I will be adding lots of new items to my shop by next week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake in VA!! What!!

So today was supposed to be a day where I specifically worked on my upcoming favors for my baby shower. I am making lots of ruffled flower headbands and clips to go out with my darlings.
As I went to place my laptop down on the table my lamp started moving. Not a lot though, just as much as if i tapped my table. But as I went to stop the lamp my table started to shake very hard. As I placed my hand on the table I was like wait a minute, its moving by itself.
Poor khloe (my westie) came out the room running towards the window like "what is going on". I immediately screamed for her to come to me when I noticed the shaking was now my whole apartment. This pretty much lasted for 20 seconds which seemed forever.


so they say it was 5.9 and there might be an aftershock within an hour. And they said people from the east coast felt it. GREAT!!! I got my purse packed just in case I have to jet with me, my Khloe, and my Miah who has no choice because shes in my belly :)

Anyone else feel what I felt? I would love to hear where you were when this happened.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Almost Baby Miah time

Thank you all for coming back another day. I have been spending a lot of time with my mom. love her to death. The other day we were crossing the street and she went to reach for my hand. For some reason my 23 year old self reached for her hand and started crossing the road. When we got to the other side we both looked at each others hand and started laughing. Those are great moments you always remember.
Do you guys have any great moments with your mother or being a mother.

So my countdown has started I'm 30 weeks already, 31 on Wednesday. Time is flying by and I seem to get larger and larger by the week. Thank goodness only my belly and my fanny is growing. Eating for two does not exist for me. 
So this weekend my girlfriend purchased my designed invitations for my upcoming baby shower. AHH she got them printed at CVS which I totally forgot why I never go there until now. All the letters were completely cut off then still remained to hand it to us as a finished product. NO WAY! The paper was super duper thin. I was pretty devastated because I wanted to place my website label on the back. 
So I grabbed some leftover cardstock paper, black and white and got the pasting and cutting.
3 invitations lucky fit on one sheet of 8.5 by 11 so not a lot of paper used.
I also used black paper which I figured matched with the word baby.
After cutting all of them, a hour later they were all completed. And yes I did place my labels on the back because I thought they were super cute.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great day!. Also remember I still have a giveaway listed in the giveaway tab. This will end the 27th of this month.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hoo Hoo who loves you?

So today I entered in another Mojo Monday sketch challenge. 

I have been obsessed with birds so I decided to this time use a owl (which I never do). 
The circle I stamped with a wood looking design. I also added some gems to make it a little sparkly and flattering.
By the way my new favorite color is RED 

Update on pregnancy:
I am 30 weeks - AHH the countdown has started
I'm tired a lot of times
heartburn pretty much every night - help give me milk

My baby shower is coming up September 17, which I am super excited about. I will be making a lot of items for the shower BIRD THEME

invitation I made:

well I will be making a lot of items for Halloween + Thanksgiving this week. I have already added some digital  Halloween invitations, tags, and greeting cards. So be sure to check out the website

Thank you so much for coming to take a look and have a great day!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mojo Monday 203 - cupcake birthday

Well I am playing allong with Mojo monday. This week. Only like 30 more minutes to go until you can enter in.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mama Mia hair clip/lapel giveaway


Today I created a super adorable feather/flower clip which you can attach to anything .. including hair!!

a pin and clip has been attached to the back

How Do You Enter:
Be a follower on this blog (then please leave a comment with your email address)

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each additional listing or liking you do down below. You want to make sure your calculated for all the extras you do. 7 chances to win!

The giveaway runs from 8/4 - 8/27 and the winner will be announced 8/28

Other options to win the goodie:
1. blog about the giveaway and include the link from this giveaway post
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3. love me on Etsy add my shop to your favorites
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5. Take the giveaway picture and blog about it on your site 
     leave me your url in the comment section
6. Promote my website by using blog, facebook ,or twitter about my items
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*If you update your twitter status please place: Win a super cute giveaway from @Uniqu3scrapper a "Mama Mia" hair accessory. Enter to win here at:

Giveaway Alert Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be adding a super cute giveaway for you guys to win. 
starting tomorrow all you have to do is:
Be a follower on this blog (then please leave a comment with your email address)

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each additional listing or liking you do down below. You want to make sure your calculated for all the extras you do. 6 chances to win!

Other options to win the goodie:
1. blog about the giveaway and include the link
2. like me on facebook Sweet Tweet Creations
3. love me on etsy 
4. update your status about the giveaway on twitter
5. Take the giveaway picture and blog about it on your site leave me your url in comment section 

*If you update your status please place: STATUS INFO WILL BE GIVEN TOMORROW 8/4 SO DON'T DO YET

Awesome findings

So today my mission was to find:

I went to JoAnn's but didnt find anything my I drove maybe 2 - 3 miles down the road to see if I could find another craft store. Hancock Fabric is what I located.
Look at the goodies I got down below for only $10.00. What????? Awesome

 Don't you love the polka dot red..I will be creating a pin for my mom and making jewelry. 
 Today I also made my new summerluscious fabric flower headband which is in my shop
I just adore how it looks. Well thank you so much for looking!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Wowzers Giveaway

Today I was searching around for a giveaway and I found a fabulous one. Shoot on over to Jenelle's Jemz You will be able to win a choice of your favorite scarf. The draw ends on 8/3 and the winner will be announced on 8/4.
My favorite items from Jenelle's shop is:

Rules on Entering Giveaway:
go to jessicaNdesigns to see the rules for entering in this giveaway

also if you would like to purchase some of Jenelle's super fabulous scarfs, headbands, or jewelry us the 
code jessicanjemz 
you will be able to save 20% on your next order

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Clear Stamp Organizer -Tutorial

How's everyone's Sunday going? Well my weekend has pretty much been the same. I have been working hard to add some new items to my shop. I plan on making a lot of headbands and pacifier holder/clips so by the time a arts and craft show comes around this October, I will be able to have a stash of goodies to sell. 
As I was going through all my junk (not really junk just messy crafts everywhere) I was frustrated by my clear stamps appearing from every corner? Is anyone missing half of their stamps as well? 

I tried to organize my stamps before by taking a cheap clear sleeve but, DO NOT EVER DO, I stapled around the areas to keep the stamps in place. So I though

Everytime I flipped through them stamps were just flying all over the place. lol. made me really mad. So this weekend I though no more. I paid a lot for my stamps $5.99 or more, so I should treat them that way too.

Here is a tutorial of the best clear stamp organizer that I have made:

Supplies need:
Sewing Machine
Clear cheap sleeves
Craft Knife (be careful if you are young. Get your parents to help you with this)

So first I grabbed a crappy clear sleeve that I purchased from staples in 2006. I stitched with my sewing machine where there was an open slit.
Then I took a clear stamp and measured on the sleeve to see how much room it needed. Once I figured that you I used my ruler and drew a line as seen below
After drawing the line I took the sleeve to my sewing machine and began tracing the line. Super easy right?
 You should stitch it so that you have room to place two stamps on each side
After that I took a stamp placed it on my sleeve and cut a little insert for my stamp to go in.
DO NOT cut to deep. You want the slit on one side and not the whole thing
 Slide your stamp in the sleeve and are done. What I do is place cheap printer paper in between the stamps so that I can add the stamps front to back.
Your stamps should be super easy to find now. 
Let me know if you have tried this. I would love to hear. Also let me know if you did anything different.

Well until next time. I will be showing a lot more tutorials in the future.