Clear Stamp Organizer -Tutorial

How's everyone's Sunday going? Well my weekend has pretty much been the same. I have been working hard to add some new items to my shop. I plan on making a lot of headbands and pacifier holder/clips so by the time a arts and craft show comes around this October, I will be able to have a stash of goodies to sell. 
As I was going through all my junk (not really junk just messy crafts everywhere) I was frustrated by my clear stamps appearing from every corner? Is anyone missing half of their stamps as well? 

I tried to organize my stamps before by taking a cheap clear sleeve but, DO NOT EVER DO, I stapled around the areas to keep the stamps in place. So I though

Everytime I flipped through them stamps were just flying all over the place. lol. made me really mad. So this weekend I though no more. I paid a lot for my stamps $5.99 or more, so I should treat them that way too.

Here is a tutorial of the best clear stamp organizer that I have made:

Supplies need:
Sewing Machine
Clear cheap sleeves
Craft Knife (be careful if you are young. Get your parents to help you with this)

So first I grabbed a crappy clear sleeve that I purchased from staples in 2006. I stitched with my sewing machine where there was an open slit.
Then I took a clear stamp and measured on the sleeve to see how much room it needed. Once I figured that you I used my ruler and drew a line as seen below
After drawing the line I took the sleeve to my sewing machine and began tracing the line. Super easy right?
 You should stitch it so that you have room to place two stamps on each side
After that I took a stamp placed it on my sleeve and cut a little insert for my stamp to go in.
DO NOT cut to deep. You want the slit on one side and not the whole thing
 Slide your stamp in the sleeve and wowsers..you are done. What I do is place cheap printer paper in between the stamps so that I can add the stamps front to back.
Your stamps should be super easy to find now. 
Let me know if you have tried this. I would love to hear. Also let me know if you did anything different.

Well until next time. I will be showing a lot more tutorials in the future.