Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let's Talk Baby

Today its nice but hot as Las Vegas in the day time. Oh my! Yesterday I went into Once Upon a child store just to look what kind of items they offer there. They have everything from cribs, mattress, clothes, changing tables, books, and much more for newborns to little ones. 
As I was looking through the clothes I spotted the most adorable shoes ever. I think red just seems to be by new favorite color because everything I own now is red. Well unfortunately the size is for 6 months so our soon to be baby Miah won't be able to wear them. I just had to get them though = those shoes aren't going to wait for us. They are too stinking cute. 
 And the best part is that its in great condition, even like new because the bottoms look like its only been worn once.
 Even though I used to be so picky going into second hand stores..sometimes I surprise myself by the goodies I find never used.
Well today I added a new product to my website. I decided to call this pacifier holder "Brown Forest" This will be great and awesome to attach to your baby's clothes without tearing them. It also keeps the binkie off nasty surfaces and off the ground while shopping at the mall.
 There is a stomp in the parking lot that I just love placing my items and taking pictures. So yes you will see this scene a lot. Love the nature feel to it. Plus my camera does a great job when there is a lot of natural light.

What name do you  have for your child's pacifier?

I turned 25 weeks yesterday and I am still loving complications to the point that I'm complaining

Things to stay away from:
anything with tomato sauce = screams heartburn
soda = heartburn for life
raw onion = I feel yucky all day

The goods:
I get to relax = lots of naps
no more struggling with groceries = love my boyfriend
my hair = it's so full now
feeling my Miah kick in my belly = shes active

The bads:
summertime = sun run
backache when i sit too long
no more laying on my belly while watching tv = what!

Come share your ideas with me I would love to hear


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