Sunday, July 24, 2011

Clear Stamp Organizer -Tutorial

How's everyone's Sunday going? Well my weekend has pretty much been the same. I have been working hard to add some new items to my shop. I plan on making a lot of headbands and pacifier holder/clips so by the time a arts and craft show comes around this October, I will be able to have a stash of goodies to sell. 
As I was going through all my junk (not really junk just messy crafts everywhere) I was frustrated by my clear stamps appearing from every corner? Is anyone missing half of their stamps as well? 

I tried to organize my stamps before by taking a cheap clear sleeve but, DO NOT EVER DO, I stapled around the areas to keep the stamps in place. So I though

Everytime I flipped through them stamps were just flying all over the place. lol. made me really mad. So this weekend I though no more. I paid a lot for my stamps $5.99 or more, so I should treat them that way too.

Here is a tutorial of the best clear stamp organizer that I have made:

Supplies need:
Sewing Machine
Clear cheap sleeves
Craft Knife (be careful if you are young. Get your parents to help you with this)

So first I grabbed a crappy clear sleeve that I purchased from staples in 2006. I stitched with my sewing machine where there was an open slit.
Then I took a clear stamp and measured on the sleeve to see how much room it needed. Once I figured that you I used my ruler and drew a line as seen below
After drawing the line I took the sleeve to my sewing machine and began tracing the line. Super easy right?
 You should stitch it so that you have room to place two stamps on each side
After that I took a stamp placed it on my sleeve and cut a little insert for my stamp to go in.
DO NOT cut to deep. You want the slit on one side and not the whole thing
 Slide your stamp in the sleeve and are done. What I do is place cheap printer paper in between the stamps so that I can add the stamps front to back.
Your stamps should be super easy to find now. 
Let me know if you have tried this. I would love to hear. Also let me know if you did anything different.

Well until next time. I will be showing a lot more tutorials in the future. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sailor girl + Flirty Red girl headbands

Today I created the cutest headbands. I have added them to my shop to purchase now. Be quick I only have 2 left of each. Who will be the lucky snatchers?

 The sizes are :
Small: 0-6 months approx. 13"
Medium: 6-18 months approx. 15"
Large: 18 months and up approx. 18"

You can purchase them at my shop

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To My Friendly Newbies


I've been working very hard on the new site to get it up and running and adding new products almost daily. I wanted to reach out to you guys to let you know that I will make some changes here and there to make it more user friendly. So please don't be alarmed.
Please feel free to check out the website and let me know either what you would like to see on the site or things that can make your shopping more smoothly.


Jewelry Organizer Display

Slice of Cake - favor boxes
Baby Bird - baby shower invitations (Handmade)
Bridal shower invitation - DIY

Pacifier Holder/Clip

Welcome baby - greeting card


Drag + Drop Shopping cart - have to make it easy right
Diaper cakes
Cake pops
Hair bows
Decorated Bottle caps
Canvas name decor
Wedding invitations
Despicable Me birthday collection
Tangled birthday Collection
Boogie Thursday (receive a discount when you purchase the golden boogie. Whats the lucky product?)
Sweet Sunday 
Fresh Monday ( new products added)


if you have purchased an item/items with me already please give me some feedback so that I can place it in the testimonial section.
Did you purchase one of my products and take pictures beside it having a good time? Please send those to me as well. If you would like your child or yourself removed from the photo I will blur your faces out.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Posh Legs Giveaway

Today I submitted myself to a special giveaway at Posh Pipsqueak. The items on here are sooo cute. I had to enter in the contest to get these adorable sock for my baby Miah
There is still a chance to enter right now. Also She has a 20% off when you purchase her items until the end of July using the code JND20. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let's Talk Baby

Today its nice but hot as Las Vegas in the day time. Oh my! Yesterday I went into Once Upon a child store just to look what kind of items they offer there. They have everything from cribs, mattress, clothes, changing tables, books, and much more for newborns to little ones. 
As I was looking through the clothes I spotted the most adorable shoes ever. I think red just seems to be by new favorite color because everything I own now is red. Well unfortunately the size is for 6 months so our soon to be baby Miah won't be able to wear them. I just had to get them though = those shoes aren't going to wait for us. They are too stinking cute. 
 And the best part is that its in great condition, even like new because the bottoms look like its only been worn once.
 Even though I used to be so picky going into second hand stores..sometimes I surprise myself by the goodies I find never used.
Well today I added a new product to my website. I decided to call this pacifier holder "Brown Forest" This will be great and awesome to attach to your baby's clothes without tearing them. It also keeps the binkie off nasty surfaces and off the ground while shopping at the mall.
 There is a stomp in the parking lot that I just love placing my items and taking pictures. So yes you will see this scene a lot. Love the nature feel to it. Plus my camera does a great job when there is a lot of natural light.

What name do you  have for your child's pacifier?

I turned 25 weeks yesterday and I am still loving complications to the point that I'm complaining

Things to stay away from:
anything with tomato sauce = screams heartburn
soda = heartburn for life
raw onion = I feel yucky all day

The goods:
I get to relax = lots of naps
no more struggling with groceries = love my boyfriend
my hair = it's so full now
feeling my Miah kick in my belly = shes active

The bads:
summertime = sun run
backache when i sit too long
no more laying on my belly while watching tv = what!

Come share your ideas with me I would love to hear

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Star = Whos having a birthday

Good afternoon,

Today I constructed a birthday invitation which can be given to a child or an adult.
I loved the grey, orange, and green combination but for some reason it was missing something = so I added some light blue to it

Supplies Used:
Paper {Tiara Bazzill + Grass Green + Tangelo Bazzill +Specialty Me & my big ideas


My girlfriends asked me if I can speedy up my guest list for my upcoming baby shower that I am having mid-September. A lot of the people do not know that I am pregnant not because I wanted to hide it but I wanted to stay safe. 
After having this conversation with one of my best friends, I told her a story about a girl who was super excited about her upcoming baby. She had a huge baby shower and got enough items for her to never have to buy anything again. The last month of her delivery she stopped feeling the baby kick in her precious belly. When she went to check up and see what was going on she and her boyfriend were struck by the news of the doctor. "I'm sorry shes not living anymore. We are going to have to push out the baby." 
So yes that is my fear and I feel the more people I tell the more I have to grief is something would happen. I know I shouldn't think like that but I am only human. I always have my fears. 

Sorry for that draining story on to something more delightful. I'm planning on having a bird in the nest theme because I just loveee birds AHHHH!! So I gathered some examples that I saw online.

This lovely card was made by an etsy seller mboston9
aren't these cupcake to die for = from marthastewart

This is a must at my party to make these tags and hang them on empty branches

These are the colors I would like - my girlfriend says it so boyish..what do you think?

Favor tags is a must of course. I'm still trying to decide what I would like to giveaway. Why do you ask why it looks like I'm planning my own. Well I have the more creative instinct then my two lovely girls. Plus it would be great to show the others my products which I will add to my site .
I'm all done chatting now. Let me know some ideas or places where my girlfriends can purchase cheap bird favors. 
Thanks a bunches

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Random Friday has been my relaxing day with my mom and my Westie Khloe. Yesterday was my super busy day doing laundry, cleaning my room, grooming Khloe, and cleaning my entire bathroom.

3am in the morning my dog started barking like no other..after telling her to calm down. I heard heavy water dripping. "I know I never opened the window"..Gladly she was warning me that the toilet was overflowing with water..Yucky.. Has your pet ever barked to to wake you up from a deep sleep, to warn you?

Well I had to stop by and get some groceries. which must I say I HATE DOING THIS! Uhhh so as I was grabbing my water I noticed the new Vita Coconut Water..I just had to try it (more because Rhianna has been promoting it)

I honestly couldn't finish it..Well but don't take my word ofcourse!!

What does everyone have planned for this weekend. I will spend my weekend fixing up my new launched craft website that im soo excited about it.. 

You can check it out at and when you purchase up until July 15th, at checkout use discount code "NEWLAUNCH" to save 10% off.

Well enough blah blah blah. See you later!