Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake in VA!! What!!

So today was supposed to be a day where I specifically worked on my upcoming favors for my baby shower. I am making lots of ruffled flower headbands and clips to go out with my darlings.
As I went to place my laptop down on the table my lamp started moving. Not a lot though, just as much as if i tapped my table. But as I went to stop the lamp my table started to shake very hard. As I placed my hand on the table I was like wait a minute, its moving by itself.
Poor khloe (my westie) came out the room running towards the window like "what is going on". I immediately screamed for her to come to me when I noticed the shaking was now my whole apartment. This pretty much lasted for 20 seconds which seemed forever.


so they say it was 5.9 and there might be an aftershock within an hour. And they said people from the east coast felt it. GREAT!!! I got my purse packed just in case I have to jet with me, my Khloe, and my Miah who has no choice because shes in my belly :)

Anyone else feel what I felt? I would love to hear where you were when this happened.


Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Hope you are doing ok! Come take a look at my blog for a sweet surprise...!

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